Project space survival strategies | Autonomous Organization

Des ressources relatives à des réseaux et initiatives autonomes en Europe et aux États unis.

Project Space Survival Strategies is a research project by the artist Elysa Lozano for Autonomous Organization, produced in collaboration with Invisible Venue.



OffOff réunit des espaces d’expositions et des projets divers qui interviennent en faveur d’une présentation engagée et d’un soutien conséquent de la production artistique actuelle.
OffOff se considère comme représentation des intérêts communs aux espaces d’art indépendants en Suisse et réclame plus d’approbation de ses mérites au niveau de la politique culturelle. Créant un terrain favorable à une scène artistique contemporaine, les Off-Spaces ouvrent également de nouveaux points de vue sur l’art.


Art Spaces Archives Project

Art Spaces Archives Project AS-AP is a non-profit initiative founded by a consortium of alternative art organizations, including Bomb Magazine, College Art Association, Franklin Furnace Archive, New York State Council on the Arts NYSCA, New York State Artist Workspace Consortium, and the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, with a mandate to help preserve, present, and protect the archival heritage of living and defunct for- and not-for-profit spaces of the “alternative” or “avant-garde” movement of the 1950s to the present throughout the United States.


subvision. kunst. festival. off.

Artists’ initiatives from around the world testing new exhibition and mediation formats were invited to the subvision festival for international contemporary art from 08/26 to 09/06/2009 to present their artistic work as well as their very own strategies of presenting and mediating art. 31 artists’ groups, independent project spaces, off-spaces, and research projects from 19 countries that are developing outside established institutions and disregarding commercial viability created an exciting and variegated presentation forum with exhibitions, artist’s talks, performances, concerts, readings, and video screenings. A temporary exhibition architecture consisting of ship containers and scaffoldings formed an extraordinary frame for an unconventional endeavour. The design of the yet undeveloped “prime cut” of the HafenCity was oriented towards urban planning models, citing them not without irony.


Art Swap Europe

On 11 and 12 October 2008, IGBK hosted an open forum for presentations of concepts and spaces, for discussions and face-to-face meetings. About 80 project and exhibition spaces as well as networks of artist-run initiatives were presented in an exhibition by means of display boards, photographs, catalogues and other information material. The project is initiated by Werner Schaub.


Art Transponder (Berlin): Chances of Crisis – Movements out of an instable field

The aim of CHANCES OF CRISIS was to investigate if Berlin art spaces and initiatives wish to collaborate and feel a need for dialog, exchange, cooperations as well as for creating a common political voice.

With the methods of a field study we introduced within three days of roundtables and presentations different models and methods of knowledge- information- and material exchange and investigated best practice examples and funding possibilities. With this we also collected wants, needs and wishes for future work from all participating initiatives.